The Yorkshire Mammal Group


The Yorkshire Mammal Group (YMG) was established in 1970 and aims to promote the scientific study of mammals and to encourage a wider public interest in them, particularly in Yorkshire.

photograph of hedgehog

The YMG holds indoor meetings in York usually on the second Thursday of each month from November to April inclusive. Meetings commence at 7.00 pm.; please see the Events page for the venue. These meetings involve either a talk by a visiting speaker, or a practical evening, with the chance to meet other mammal enthusiasts. Our members range from being amateur naturalists to those involved in mammal research. The one thing we all have in common is our love of wildlife, especially mammals. There are no special qualifications needed to join the YMG!

Visiting speakers, or our own members, discuss a variety of mammalian topics in a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Have a look at the Events page (back arrow on calendar) to see the variety of topics discussed.

A series of field meetings, associated with national mammal surveys or with our own research programmes, are held throughout the year. Surveys we have participated in include those of foxes, badgers, bats, brown hares, dormice, harvest mice and beavers.

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